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Spiritual Healing should never be confused with "Faith Healing" as it does not require any act of faith from the patient, and in fact works well with animals, who can have no understanding of the process. It follows the biblical tradition of "laying on of hands". If however you have an objection to the healer touching you, you may request "Auric Healing".

All Church Healers are accredited. It is most important to realise that spiritual healing is a "complimentary therapy" and as such is NOT a substitute for conventional medical advice. You should ALWAYS consult a Doctor.

Spiritual Healing sessions are regularly held in the Church:

At the close of the Tuesday Service from 3.45pm.

Animal healing at the same time is also available by

appointment. (telephone 01326 315429).

There is also an absent healing book for animals.

An Absent Healing Book is maintained in the Church.

Please send us the details of anyone for whom you wish

healing to be given by calling us or sending their name

through the link below.

Falmouth Central Spiritualist Church Falmouth
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